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Building a dream home – one that’s perfect for you and your family – can be an exciting journey, but also an exhaustive process. From securing finance to finding the ideal location and block of land, to determining the right design and engaging a reliable builder all takes time – a lot of time.

HomeZone.com.au can simplify the entire process. Our purpose is to connect home buyers with all the resources necessary to build the home of their dreams. All the hard work is done for you. Our services are free, our advice is independent and unbiased.

We work with new home buyers every step of the way to realise their dream and makeing the home buying process easy and enjoyable. So don’t put off creating your dream home – start building it here.

We’re here to guide you through the following steps:

Securing finance
Our FinanceReady service makes securing the best mortgage at the best rate easy. Our service is available to new/first home buyers and investors and allows you to have finance in order ready to settle on a purchase seamlessly and without delays.

Finding the right block of land
Our partnership with myland.com.au enables us to find you the perfect block for your new home, in the right location and at the right price for your budget.
Choosing a home design
HomeZone.com.au provides information about every display village and display home design available in Australia. This information includes location of villages, contact with builders and details of the region they work in, plus a huge range of home designs and floorplans suitable for different lot sizes and widths.

Selecting a builder
HomeZone.com.au assists both new home buyers and renovators to connect with qualified builders in their local area. We offer an independent, unbiased platform for you to communicate with builders and to make the right choices. We also help builders to better understand the needs of home buyers.

With HomeZone.com.au, you’ll soon be moving from planning your dream home, to moving in. To get started, contact us today or enquire with a local builder through HomeZone.com.au.

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